The Ashley Tipple Topper Drink Cover Scrunchie

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See how Ashley Em·​pow·​ers:

Meet the Ashley Tipple Topper drink cover scrunchie. The colourful scrunchie doubles as a cover for most glasses and cups to help prevent anything foreign from entering your drink, other than what you ordered or poured. It's also great for keeping sand, bugs, pets and other items out of your drink.

How: Wear your Tipple Topper scrunchie on your wrist or in your hair. When it comes time to cover, simply pull the cover out of the hidden internal pocket and stretch it over your glass or cup, pop a straw through and enjoy!

Made to Fit: Made from nylon spandex, the Tipple Topper will stretch to fit most glasses and cups. That's the same material as most modern gym wear. 

Machine Washable: Reuse your Tipple Topper multiple times and throw it in the washing machine when you need to. Lay it flat to air dry before using again. 

Keep Track: Buy a multi-pack and give one to a friend(s) on a night out to mark each other's drinks.

*Straw and cup not included.

Disclaimer: Tipple Toppers can help to deter drink spiking and debris from entering your drink in many instances. However, this product does not guarantee your safety. Always be sure to buy or pour your own drink and do not leave your drink unattended.

NEW FOR 2022
When in doubt

On a night out? At a house party? Pop an Ashley Tipple Topper over the top of your drink to help prevent drink spiking. When you're done, simply insert it back inside the hidden scrunchie pocket.

Simple Design, Enormous Peace of Mind

Easy to Use

Hidden inside a scrunchie that can be worn on your wrist or in your hair. Just remove the Tipple Topper from the hidden pocket and pop it over your drink.

Peace of Mind

We hope that you never have to use it & that it simply makes for a great looking drink identifier. But you can feel safer knowing you have an Ashley Tipple Topper to hand.

Fits Most Glasses & Cups

Made from a nylon-spandex material, like modern athletic gym-wear, your Tipple Topper will stretch to fit over most cups and glasses.

Machine Washable

Simply pop your Tipple Topper in the washing machine and you're ready to reuse it. Avoid tumble drying and lay flat to dry.


"Such a subtle but useful product!" – Laura D.


"Absolutely LOVE THIS!" – Rach M.


"What an amazing idea!" – Blonde Bloggers Hils
Donating 5% to women & children

At Ashley, we donate 5% of all profits to Operation Underground Railroad to accelerate the rate of change that so desperately needs to happen in the world.

We're still collecting reviews for this new product...

Tipple Topper™ FAQs

  • Yes. Use a paper, plastic, or ideally a reusable straw. We do plan to launch a range of straws in Summer 2022.

  • Yes! Use it again and again and pop it in the washing machine whenever you need to. Lay it flat to air dry before using again.

  • Most, yes. Made from nylon spandex we've designed the Tipple Topper to be super stretchy and dry fast. It may not fit too well on glasses such as champagne flutes or very small glasses.

  • Primarily we designed the Tipple Topper scrunchie to help prevent drink spiking. However it can also be used as a daily hair scrunchie. On top of that, we've had customers already tell us they use their Tipple Topper to stop pets drinking out of their glasses at home, to keep sand out at the beach, to stop bugs entering drinks... basically to help prevent anything other than your drink getting in.

  • No. The drink cover is inserted into a pocket inside the Tipple Topper scrunchie. When used effectively, your hair and the cover should never come into contact.

  • It'll dry very quickly! Made from nylon spandex - the same material used in most modern gym wear - your Tipple Topper will soon dry out. Do pop it in the washing machine if you need to later on.

  • High on our list of priorities was to make the Tipple Topper both a physical and a psychological deterrent against drink tampering activity. Covering your drink with your hand can only go so far and we see the Tipple Topper as a much needed improvement.

    However, please buy and/or pour your own drinks and do not ever leave your drink unattended. We cannot guarantee your safety with this product.

  • We ship throughout the UK, USA and worldwide. All orders are dispatched from our warehouse in the UK.

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